Looking for Love Jesus Walking with Man
  • Grading on the Curve

    I’ve been told, I deserve so much,
    for the work I've done, for the lives I touch.

    I would like to say, my dear friend,
    what I deserve, is a bitter end!

    I have hated, I have snapped,
    people I love, I have slapped.

    I have lied, I’ve also cheated,
    believe it not, I have mistreated.

    I have envied, I have stolen,
    and many promises, I have broken.

    I’ve been selfish, and I’ve been greedy,
    too many times, I have been a bit sneaky!

    I’ve wrongfully punished; and wrongfully accused,
    plus for my own gain, I have spitefully used!

    I've been so angry, as a sailor I've cursed,
    to be brutally honest, I have done much worse!

    I’ve been encumbered, I’ve been a drunk
    oh yes, my life was so full of junk!

    Even though I knew that it was wrong,
    all these things, I did to belong!

    If you just met me, you’re probably in shock,
    but in a sinful nature, yes, I sure did walk!

    Then I met Jesus, I heard his good news,
    and how for my sins, he was bruised!

    how from the beginning, his love ran deep,
    and for my own heart he did weep

    For every wrong that I ever did,
    he shed his blood, my sins he hid!

    Now, I'm FREE; ACCEPTED; and thoroughly WASHED,
    and that mean ole’ devil, is surly squashed!

    Now he can’t touch me with a 10 foot pole,
    for it is written, on God’s holy scroll!

    God says, I’m FAVORED and TRULY BLESSED,
    Because faith in Jesus, I CONFESSED!

    In my spirit, I have been CHANGED.

    Now, this might sound too good to be true,
    But that’s the GOSPEL, for me and you!

    You still say, we get what we deserve,
    Well, I thank you JESUS, for grading on the curve!
    Stacey Brown 2-7-14

    The "Looking for Love" article follows below:

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