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  • All Alone With My Thoughts

    All alone with my thoughts, as they haunt me so,
    Eyes are like rivers that hasten to flow.
    Images circle me, and begin to glow,
    Why must my thoughts taunt me so?

    Alone with my thoughts; the good and the bad,
    What I have now, and the little I had.
    People around me, glassy-eyed and sad,
    Armless hugs from a distant Dad.

    Alone with my thoughts; the future and past,
    Sailing along with the flags half-mast.
    Memories attacking me, far too many for too fast
    They seek me out - and come at last!

    Alone with my thoughts; so dark and dry.
    But hopes here with me, lighting the sky.
    The gates collapse and soft eyes cry,
    A heart wishing to be free to tumble and fly.

    All alone with my thoughts, again once more.
    As my heart and hopes begin to soar.
    Tomorrow is only through night's black door,
    A feeling so strong, like never before.

    A Deep Dark Soul Poet (9/1965)

    The article "Is Your Thinking Stinking?," can be read by clicking the picture to your left.


Selfie Anyone? Be Careful You Don’t Fall

In North America, we are described as a self-absorbed culture with a penchant for instantaneous gratification.   The “Selfie” trend is a testimony to that fact.   A selfie is defined as  a photograph that one has taken of oneself with a smart phone or webcam and shared via social media. The selfie ranks as the ultimate symbol of our narcissistic age.   Occasional selfies are acceptable, … Continue reading

Break Every Chain__WPFI_1A

Break Every Chain

The past is woven into the fabric of our lives.  It can help us step into our future or keep us chained in to the memories of our past.  The past is an important deposit box.   It helps us to know who we are, where we came from, and it forms our self-identity as we walk … Continue reading

Psalm 46_10 Valley

Our Passover Miracle

As I mentioned in my last post, blogging has had to take a backseat to a family miracle that recently occurred.  Sandwiched in-between my faith and prayer time was a list of immediate needs in my life that I had written just as our pastor asked.  The pastor and deacons would pray over the lists … Continue reading

Wisdom 3 is right size for wordpress

I Hear God Speaking…..Are You Listening?

I was getting my 5-year-old granddaughter to bed when she said, “shhhh, I hear somebody talking.  So I quickly quit talking and listened, thinking she was probably hearing my neighbor.  But as we listened, I didn’t hear a thing.  So she repeated herself,  “shhh.”  So I asked her who do you think you hear talking?  … Continue reading

Looking for Love Jesus Walking with Man

Looking for Love? Call Jesus. Direct Line Open 24/7.

As I pondered what to write in this post, the song “What the World Needs Now is Love sweet Love,” pierced my ears.   News reports on any given day point to the very need for love by humans throughout the world.  Love is an incredibly powerful word and a powerful force.  When you love someone you always want … Continue reading

God Its Me Calling Set Pic

God, It’s Me Calling

Just recently I was invited to attend a Saturday Prayer breakfast by someone whom I had just met.   In my prayer time these past few  months, the Lord had told me I would be meeting new people and going to new places.   I accepted the invitation eager to meet new people and see where God is leading me. Breaking … Continue reading

Bible 9

Speaking God’s Word

It’s what’s under the ground that creates what’s above the ground.  It’s what’s invisisble that creates what’s visible.  To change fruits (results) I must first change the roots.  If I want to change the visible, I must change the invisible.   T. Eker March is fast approaching and with it the “Spring” season and those pesky winds.  … Continue reading

Fear Not Postcard


“FEAR NOT.”  These words resonated with me as I read them in my Bible and find myself wondering how to deal with a couple of tough challenges which have almost proven insurmountable.   I am sure some of you are dealing with situations in your personal lives that have you feeling anxious, worried, and afraid.  Notice how in the brevity of those two words,  God uses … Continue reading

Mans Gift

Blessings Come in Strange Packages

I was recently sifting through several small storage boxes of paper notes and photos which brought back a multitude of memories.  On a piece of paper I had saved was printed a short story that affected me then and still impresses me now and hopefully will strike a chord with you, too. One of the things the Lord has taught me is … Continue reading

My Back YardC

Holy Quietude: Our appointment with God

Being “still and quiet” is a rare commodity these days.  My world is bustling with life just as much as yours.  With family commitments, business, friends, and living in a world that doesn’t stop talking , at times, it feels like I’m on a not so “merry go-round” and I want off.  Have you ever felt that … Continue reading


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