Have You Prayed With Your Mom Today?

The Lord was reminding me once again, of the promise I had made.  I knew it was something I not only needed to do but something I wanted to do.   However, I thought, how do I approach Mom?  How would she react, and what would she say?

I pondered those questions repeatedly over a period of months.  Then, I found myself into the New Year (2013) once again with those thoughts nudging at me.   Members of our church, me included, had embarked on a 21-day Daniel Fast.  Therefore, I found myself involved in some intense times of prayer.  And as God would, He reminded me of my promise.   During my prayer time, I knew the time was now to fulfill that promise.  So I prayed that God would give me the courage.                                                                                       I Love You Coffee

Several days later, I received a call from my Mom.   While chatting, I finally got enough courage to speak with her about praying the sinner’s prayer and receiving Jesus as her Savior.   I segued my way into it by mentioning how a few months earlier during our family reunion last summer, my brother leaned toward me during supper to tell me he had received Jesus earlier that evening.  I explained to her what he meant by that since we had been raised Catholic and the sinner’s prayer was foreign to her.

In fact, my mother was never allowed to attend church services when we were kids.  Each time she mentioned to a Priest during a home visit her wish to attend, he reminded her she was living in sin, which she was.  Being a good mother, she would make sure we went to church every time the doors opened for Mass and all the other special services.

Not attending church services all these years has become an ingrained habit for my Mom since she would have to attend by herself.   You know how difficult it can be for some women to go anywhere by themselves, especially a place like church, it doesn’t always happen.

Several years ago, I sent her a Bible, which she said she really liked and has mentioned reading every so often.   Moreover, she shared how much she was praying for me and my siblings.

Now back to my brother’s statement.  Once I explained to her what my brother meant when he said he had become a Christian, I mustered enough courage to ask her if she would like to pray the sinner’s prayer and accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior.  She answered, “Yes.”

Therefore, with 1500 miles between us, cell phone to cell phone, I led my mother in reciting the sinner’s prayer, repenting of her sins, and accepting Jesus Christ as Savior.  Once we were through, she remarked how beautiful the moment:  mother and daughter praying together.  She loved it.  And I lost it, crying like a kid!  It was one of the most beautiful and emotional of experiences.  And I silently whispered to God that I kept the promise I made to Him to ask my mother if she desired to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.  I also thanked him for the courage to do so and the gift of salvation for my Mom.

So now, when we talk, I pray with her before we hang up.  Again there is something beautiful in two people praying together to the Lord.   This brings me to a question for you, “Have you prayed with your Mom today?

Let me know if you pray with your Mom, I look forward to reading your comments.

Wishing all Mom’s A Happy and God Blessed Mother’s Day!!


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