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  • God Helps Me Rise!

    I stand on my own, thinking that I am strong.
    But my mind deceives me, God proves me wrong.
    My eyes have been open, I have seen the errors of my ways.
    God has forgiven me, I’m not wasting any more days.
    God changed my life, I’m not ever going back.
    I’m ready now for Satan, when he’s ready to attack.
    I’m armed with weapons, it’s a sword and a shield.
    Its also called the word of God and my faith, these are the weapons that I wield.
    God gets my attention before I slip into disaster.
    Now once again, I kneel down and pray to my Lord and Master.
    God allows bad things to happen in life like trials and tribulation.
    He does it to test my love and faith in him so I can gain eternal salvation.
    I was once down and out, my hope was less than zero.
    But my God rescued me, he is my hero.
    God gives me strength, I should have realized it from the start.
    The best thing about me is he who lives in my heart.
    Because when I start to think my world is crashing down and that I’m close to my demise.
    God puts strength in my legs one more time and I get up and rise!
    © JDH

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