• Don’t Want To Live Like This

    I couldn’t tell you,
    Just what I feel deep down inside my heart.
    I tried to be honest, but the words won’t come,
    Whenever I try to speak.

    Too many problems weighing me down,
    A pity there isn't any solutions at all.
    Walking around in endless circles,
    All this confusion means nothing new.

    Out in the cold, laying broken on the ground.
    Warm my lifeless soul and the fire inside of me.
    Repair my broken heart that’s shattered,
    Show me again just what love really is.

    Pull down these walls, help me break free.
    Unlock this chain that’s fastened on me.
    I don’t want to, live like this no more.
    Release me from hell, this I’m begging you.
    by Charmaine

    The article " Are You Troubled? Speak to the Dark" can be read by clicking the picture to your left.


Are You too Strong to Receive God’s Blessing?

The story of Jacob wrestling with God has always fascinated me.    Jacob grew up in a dysfunctional family and his parents’ influence proved negative in a bad way.  His trouble began when his mother desiring her youngest son obtain the blessing promised by God had Jacob’s father orally confer the blessing on him through deceitful means.    The … Continue reading

Lion eyes_jgm

Stand Your Ground

My son has recently had the things of life coming at him so fast that he feels like he has been hit by a dump truck.   Have you ever felt that way?  You’re getting ready to head out do life as usual, open the door only to see all this stuff that’s been dumped at your … Continue reading

Heart 5

Jack’s Worn Out Heart

As I hurriedly zipped along the road headed home, I noticed a new shop tucked away in the corner of the block.  I love checking out new shops, but I had a 45- minute drive ahead of me so I told myself to put it on my to do list for later.    Suddenly, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me … Continue reading

Heart__Crown Thorns 1 Sam

What Are You Like in Your Heart?

The small repair shop didn’t look like much, it was rather sparse and dark.  I entered looking for someone named Cody.  The man that greeted me said he would get him.  Within a couple of minutes a young man, dressed in dark gothic clothing with spiked rainbow colored hair, chains hanging off his spiked belt, greeted me.   I thought oh my, … Continue reading

Right Decisions

When Doing the Hard Thing, is the Right Thing

At the end of February, I received a  phone call that would affect the lives of not only our family but another as well.  Suddenly, our family was placed in a position to make a difficult decision.  It was a hard thing, a hard place to be but we had to do the right thing.  The decision was hard because several lives were going to be … Continue reading

Peaceful Place_FB

Feeling Lost in the Shadow?

I was cleaning out some files when I came across an email sent to me by a young woman who had worked for me.   She was thanking me for sharing my personal story with her and another employee.   In that same email she shared her story describing a young life full of rejection, darkness, trouble, loneliness and loss.   … Continue reading

Goals Man2_WP

Dream Up!

I love when the clock awakens us to a new year.  It is exciting and I have a bold expectation that God will do some tremendous things in my life.  Why do I feel that way?  Because for each day that I wake up, it’s a reminder from God that my story isn’t finished yet. So … Continue reading

Nativity Resized

Peace on Earth….A Savior is Born

As 2014 comes to a close, I reflect on the year.    Gazing outside my living room window, I see a most beautiful and peaceful scene behind my back yard.  It’s a small lake with geese and ducks slowly streaming by.  However, the reality is that the world outside of my backyard is far from peaceful.   The United States along with the … Continue reading

Thought Life WP 2

Is Your Thinking Stinking?

Your past and your future pale in comparison to what is circulating inside of your head.   The road to sin and what ales us often begins in our thought life.   And many people are addicted to their thoughts.   The Lord knowing how important our thought life is, addressed the issue in scripture:   “Above all else, guard your heart (mind) for … Continue reading


Selfie Anyone? Be Careful You Don’t Fall

In North America, we are described as a self-absorbed culture with a penchant for instantaneous gratification.   The “Selfie” trend is a testimony to that fact.   A selfie is defined as  a photograph that one has taken of oneself with a smart phone or webcam and shared via social media. The selfie ranks as the ultimate symbol of our narcissistic age.   Occasional selfies are acceptable, … Continue reading


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